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Pennance Lane

Penance Lane with Lynch & LoMenzo

James LoMenzo has been a good friend of mine for some time now and he is constantly on the move. During 2014, between touring the world with John Fogerty, James recorded with several projects, but one in particular was geared up to be a hard rock fan collectible. Horror icon Tyler Mane's new film Penance Lane was in production and the music would feature James LoMenzo teamed with guitar legend George Lynch.

I've been covering George's work for literally decades, producing magazine and online feature content for more than 300 music outlets that simply love George's six-string wizardry. This was no shot in the dark, editors were going to love an article about George - but this wasn't a project to highlight George, it was about the film and the fund-raising effort to get the film soundtrack recorded along with the film being made.

The Need

We had to get press out to people who would find interest in being part of a campaign to make a great film with an iconic screen star in the horror genre. The benefit for being part of it would include an amazing soundtrack recorded by two historically hard rocking musical giants.

As with most crowd funding campaigns, the duration of time to get visibility had an end point in a month or so.

The Strategy

There are some key players in the hard rock market online that can get news out fast, and in front of tens of thousands of readers in a day, then on to the Social Network in the hours that follow. First and foremost in the rock arena is Blabbermouth. My first call was Krgin Borivoj.

I hammered down a long list of contacts in the rock realm, more than 500 online outlets in a variety of sizes, and sought front page placement of the article content. Most approved. Then there was Facebook.

With a wide selection of groups gathered on Facebook for multiple reasons, I set out to place information in front of one million people in a week. This meant consistent searching and posting in like minded groups that celebrate the film genre, the music genre and the artists themselves. With trending titles, interest driven titles and quick reading content that led to clicking on the crowd-funding links - just the social interest alone would get the ball rolling.

The Result

It was a whirlwind week of press reaching well over a million readers and the crowd funding campaign to create the soundtrack raised $35,000 and achieved it's goal.

Below is a link to the film trailer and the Crowd Funding teaser.