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Joe Taylor

Joe Vitale's Healing Music

Best selling author Joe Vitale has released a long series of self-help and empowerment books and has appeared on every major headlining show from Oprah Winfrey to CNN. He even has a book on the methods of getting traction through press and PR. When he needed PR work done however, he came to Joe Dolan.

The Need

Vitale was embarking on a new path. He had discovered some methods of natural healing though music; a concept that has been under considerations for literally thousands of years. He recorded a CD, which would lead to a series of CD releases adding to his catalog of items that continue to sell globally. As a new venture, he needed to tell the world about it.

The Strategy

We took a six-month time frame and discussed the concept of creating a foundation of press to support his ongoing line of releases that he planned over the next couple of years. He wanted to become the go-to source of information on the subject of Healing Music.

Creating keyword driven article content and releasing ten articles a month over the course of the campaign, I targeted individual items of noteworthy mention, including the musicians he worked with, the concepts he took note of and other authors who had written on the subject and I connected Vitale's work to each of them with links back to his websites, and of course, his sales links.

The Result

Successfully capturing the online traffic and limited number of interested parties, we built a consistent stream of visitors and consumers for his works. Building on that momentum, Vitale purchased the content I wrote and released it as a top selling book of Healing Music concepts.

Know that it is not uncommon for Joe to have outside sources ghost write his books and release them under his name. If you're content is good enough, he will buy the rights to your material ... just a note from one writer to another (wink wink).