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Steel Panther

Steel Panther

It's hard to imagine that anyone who enjoys hard rock music hasn't heard the name of the Sunset Strip's longest run weekly rock show, and now world touring band Steel Panther. They're simply legendary around here! Never-the-less, size "doesn't matter," - you still need press! The band was going to make a major announcement and it was coupled with the release of the CD titled "All You Can Eat" and a press junket at the world famous Hustler on Sunset, followed by an all you can drink party at the Rainbow bar and Grill.

The Need

The band was about to go on some major tour escapades, including opening for Judas Priest and the CD release was going to ignite the fire of announcements about the next phase in the abnd's career. The world needed to know about it! In I came.

The Strategy

In the fashion of Steel Panther's lyrical content, yes, we needed good photo coverage but more importantly, we needed exclusive snarky article content. I provided both. Now, the goal was to get that content everywhere hair-metal fans go to read about hair-metal bands. I delivered individual communications to more than 300 regularly posting web editors and gave them what they needed.

The Result

In the end I got the band two magazine covers in LA based rock magazines (as seen below) and put them on dozens and dozens of online rock magazines, spurred airplay on a long list of Internet based rock radio stations (pre-Spotify) and even got some FM mention and airplay on select outlets nationally.