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Terrence Austin / Atlas Strategies

I was called by Atlas Strategies in New York to join founder Mark Magazu for a week in Orange County working with Coach Bill Cunerty and trainer Travelle Gaines while they prepared Terrence Austin for the NFL Draft. This included lecturing, one on one training sessions and field workouts. Terrence was a top contender.

The Need

Terrence was extremely fast, extremely strong and extremely professional, but he was quiet. He didn't showcase the lion inside, but the interest was there. We had to show that he was more than a skill; we had to show that he was a lion!

The Strategy

I filmed Terrence alongside other taller, bigger and louder athletes as he matched their workouts pound for pound. I filmed his speed, his agility and his peers talking him up. I gathered interview footage from his coahes and trainers and assembled it together with footage from his game plays in college.

We did this for a week while looking for the key moments that would really show he was a fierce contender ready to take charge of the game. Literally hours of footage and on the last day we got it. During an interview, Terrance opened up on camera and showed viewers the drive and determination that lay under the surface. Not at all unlike Jerry McGuire, it was the a matter of how he addressed the camera that made the difference.

The Result

Here is the letter I received from his manager after he was chosen for the NFL Draft.

Hey Joe,

I finally have a breather and wanted to thank you for all the work you did for Terrence. There can be no doubt whatsoever that your work helped get him drafted - the videos helped me TREMENDOUSLY to get the word out. You and I took a guy who was ranked 78 and pulled him all the way into the draft to 24.

I have a feeling we'll work again in the future.

We did work together again, with Patrick Witt ... but that's an entirely different story. ~ Joe