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Joe Dolan founded his PR office in Los Angeles in 2006, bringing the experiences of a passionate love affair with the music industry to support his work. Published regularly in more than 300 magazines, music websites and media outlets, the artists and professionals Joe has represented have ranged from global icons to indie artists, film stars and million dollar authors – but none of that truly matters. Through the uncertainty of the media, Joe has established concrete foundations for his clients’ public visibility and has built friendships and fans around the world along the way.

Graduating from Framingham State College with a Bachelors Degree in Communications, Joe worked in the New England FM radio market, talking to millions of listeners over the course of his radio career and bringing listeners songs from artists they may have otherwise never known, and would soon cherish in their personal catalogs of favorites. In 2001, after spending more than a decade performing on stages up and down the eastern seaboard, Joe launched an independent record label – Retrospect Records – distributing hundreds of new and classic artists music to consumers around the world. During this time, Joe met and worked with the industries best editors and writers, bringing artists and their works to a global marketplace; selling CD’s and filling seats at concerts.

On January 1st, 2006, Joe received a single payment in exchange for his record label and relocated his office to Los Angeles where he would be able to work closely with many of the artists he formerly supported with his label. Since that move, Joe has worked with literally thousands of music artists, film stars, sports figures, authors and businesses in a variety of markets, providing global press distribution mechanisms and practices to highlight the unique offerings of each client. In Joe’s own words, “My career has been amazing.”

Implementing his eye for photography, patience for capturing and editing video and gift for delivering vibrant stories with a gift of creativity – Joe takes each clients wants and needs and builds a plan to bring them to a mass audience for consumption. Its press, its publicity and above all … its personal. No client is a number. Each campaign is unique and catered to the specific needs of each client. This isn’t a PR firm where you call and leave messages hoping for a call back. This is Joe, his cell number and someone working with you to build your future.

Welcome to JoeDolanPR.