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Entertainment publicist Joe Dolan has spent his career supporting artists throughout the rock music genre, and beyond. This has included artists on every level of the playing field, from those writing their first demo to those who have sold platinum ranking albums. In the process, Joe has delivered cover grade materials to writers and editors around the globe, and he maintains those avenues of communication today.

The market for American Hard Rock is smaller now than it was during its heyday, but the market is thriving. New artists are coming to light in new ways, more than ever before. With the gift of outlets like YouTube to display live performances and reach mass audiences, and social media allowing fans to connect with their favorite groups – the door to success is wide open.

Regardless of the latest online trends, there are still commonalities that will never change. Writers and editors are creating media for fans to consume, and they need new and exciting content to give to their viewers. Reaching them is a job all it’s own, and that’s what JoeDolanPR does. You write the music that will make the news – count on JoeDolanPR to deliver that news to the people who serve it to the fans.

Rock Music. This is what we do!

Hiring someone to work with you in your industry should include someone who actually works specifically IN your industry.

JoeDolanPR - Writing


Target the right editors and writers with the news they want to read.

Don't Go It Alone

Let Joe craft a press release and deliver it to a selected list of target recipients who will read your news.

JoeDolanPR - Distribution


Don't waste time sending download links to people who couldn't care less.

Get Seen and Heard

Genres have select interests. Don’t spend time and money sending your music or video release to the wrong people.

JoeDolanPR - Aperture


Joe attends the events for you and captures unique media for your outlet.

Get something that's entirely yours.

Don’t rely on recycled cell phone footage. Hire Joe to attend a show with his camera and to cover the show for your magazine.

When it comes to press writing, distribution and publicity – there are no guarantees that editors will print information about your works. Nobody can guarantee that! What JoeDolanPR does guarantee is that the people who maintain these magazines will be given well written, insightful, invigorating content and will have the choice to display it for their readers. Create something good and deliver it to the press. If it’s good enough, it will get shared.

Consulting with Joe Dolan about your project and the goals you want to reach costs nothing. Let Joe help you to work out a publicity campaign. When it comes to getting that music into the hands of editors and writers – that’s when you hire JoeDolanPR.

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