Press Writing and Distribution

Target the right editors and writers with the news they want to read.

Don't Go It Alone

Let Joe craft a press release and deliver it to a selected list of target recipients who will read your news.

Music/Video Distribution

Don't waste time sending download links to people who couldn't care less.

Get Seen and Heard

Genres have select interests. Don’t spend time and money sending your music or video release to the wrong people.

Los Angeles Coverage

Joe attends shows and delivers unique content for your outlet.

Get Unique Magazine Content

Don’t rely on recycled cell phone footage. Hire Joe to attend a show with his camera and to cover the show for your magazine.

JoeDolanPR - Joe Dolan Press Relations

Call or Email To Discuss Your Release

Consulting with JoeDolanPR is free. Don’t hesitate to reach out for discussion of your targeted press distribution. Delivering press and album releases to the mass market takes more than just random email blasts. Each editor has a style and submission policy. If someone tells you they guarantee you’ll get printed or reviewed, don’t believe it. No one can guarantee press, but Joe can guarantee that the people you want to know about your work will receive content in the way they want to read it. Call or email for more information.

Main Office: Los Angeles, CA
Phone: 818.742.7719

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    Get your press where it matters with JoeDolanPR

    Reach the people who care about the music you create and share your vision.