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Jon Worthy stepped out on his own in March, 2015 with a collection of songs that his former projects hadn’t worked on, but clearly needed to come to life through a full band. Without having played a show, Jon assembled a band to record and the result was his 6 song EP titled, “Unconventional.” Recorded at The Bomb Shelter in East Nashville with bassist Nick Dibiasio and drummer Grant Bramlett, Jon had arrived.

Jon wrangled together a group of like minded performers and began playing shows around Nashville. This included bassist Austin Mcfall and drummer AJ Wilder. In six short months, this line-up recorded their first united works titled, “May You Live Happily Ever After.” The band was able to capture the loud-to-soft moments that define the unique High Energy Indie-Americana sound that Jon Worthy and the Bends are known for.

Jon Worthy and the Bends settled on a line-up consisting of:

  • Jon Worthy (Vocals/Guitar)
  • Austin Mcfall (Bassist)
  • Mike Sanborn (Drums)
  • Luis Echeverria (Keys/Guitar)

2018 saw the release of Jon’s second full-length album titled, “Only A Dream.” Recorded with Lincoln Parish of Cage the Elephant at Parish’s studio in Nashville, the album further showcases Worthy’s writing and performance range.

Skope Magazine critiqued, stating “Lyrics have a mellowed poetic quality to them, for his voice delves into a reassuring comforting tenor. Best of all is how these many elements come together: the infectious rhythms, the memorable memories, and the sing-along lyrics.

Almost consistently touring themselves throughout the landscape, Jon and the Bends have booked their studio time and have produced a new album for 2019 titled, “Something’s Gotta Give,” available worldwide June 28th, offering another listener’s view of the range of style Jon Worthy writes.

The first single from the album is titled “Chasing Dreams” which will be out April 12th. The second single will be out May 17th and it’s called “Takin My Time.”

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