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Lesli Sanders

Working Credits:

  • Solo Acoustic Recording/Performing Artist
  • Lead Vocals and Bass with Prophets Of Addiction

Formerly recording and appearing with:

  • Pretty Boy Floyd
  • City Girls’ Boys
  • Distractions
  • Queeny Blast Pop
  • Talks Cheap
  • Tramp Alley
  • Touring bassist for Marky Ramone (of the Ramones)
  • Touring bassist for Phil Lewis (of L.A. Guns) band

Bio / Prophets Of Addiction

Lesli Sanders and Prophets of Addiction encapsulate the essence of what made the MTV era of the Sunset Strip legendary. The days when moments came in rock and roll – before cell phones, YouTube and TMZ; rock and roll happened and if you weren’t there, you missed it! It was magical and memorable and it created a generation of diehards.

Prophets of Addiction does more than harken back to an era of late Friday nights at the Troubador, they bring the experience of having been the artists on stage those nights and they add it to an evolving mainstream, a modern dissident underground and an angst for corporate structure in music. They continue to write about what’s here, in the moment, and they bring it to stages across the US for the people who feel what it is they write about in their music. American Hard Rock didn’t go away … but maybe you did. It’s time to come back.

Life alongside artists including Mötley Crüe, Guns N’ Roses, The Ramones, Hanoi Rocks, LA Guns, Lords of the New Church and the frontrunners in the glam and punk scene of Hollywood gave rise to the band Prophets of Addiction. Their songs play in your head long after the CD stops and you find yourself explaining to bystanders what you’re singing and why they need to go hear it for themselves. It’s just that kind of music.

As an introduction to Sander’s Prophets of Addiction, fans eagerly clamored for POA’s 2010 debut album “Babylon Boulevard.” This release stands as an anthemic hard rock salute to those freewheeling, whiskey soaked, halcyon days (nights, really) when the Sunset Strip hosted countless punk/metal mash-up bands looking to hit the big time – and, of course, all the girls, girls, girls they could get. Live on stage, it came across as timeless. If you didn’t live in Hollywood when Gazzarri’s showcased this nightly … you simply closed your eyes and you were there … now.

That’s where it all began for the Prophets, the rest writes it own history. Reach out for contacts, info or press materials.