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Joe Dolan Public Relations is a boutique PR office in Los Angeles specializing in press writing and distribution, content development and brand building and awareness.

Joe Dolan is one of LA’s busiest publicists, quite literally producing media and content for hundreds of artists annually – and single handedly. With more than 25 years of proven results in project and artist development, promotional marketing, press writing and music management – Joe has done more than learn how the game is played. Joe wrote the rules.

Before online magazines, email and Skype chats, iPhones and digital cameras – producing written content took actual cutting and printing. It required long flights, 2 a.m. telephone calls to Europe and actual person to person communication, face to face with handshake deals to get things done. This is where Joe cut his teeth.

The press world has evolved since the 80’s, but the traditional campaign requirements are still valid. Gather the best resources to bring to the masses, knock on every door and keep your promises. There is no Social Network that’s going to sell your brand to the world – it takes work. It takes Joe Dolan PR.

Organize your thoughts. Identify where you are today and decide where you want to be tomorrow … then call Joe. He’s got the resources to raise your visibility, save you both time and money and to get you over the hurdles that are hindering your success.