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From how you appear to the world to what they say about you, we can assemble the right people to bring out the best of what you have to offer.


We will write and distribute a foundation of press that stimulates editors and supports every future endeavor as you grow your brand.


Blindly sending out music gets you nowhere. We will create a list of like minded radio and media outlets that want to share your music and supply their demands.


Do more than tell people about it – show them! We can produce HD video edits and pro-level photography to make your media network sizzle.

PR Campaigns in 4 Stages

It starts at Point A …

Your brand has a voice, but what does it say? Every campaign is different in that each campaign is an effort to say something unique; just one thing. Before you make that move to scream from the mountaintop – your image, your sound and your message have to be equally aligned to support one another. Just one thing out of place and you’ll be dismissed from the press in the blink of an eye, or worse, the press will make sport of your efforts.

No campaign happens overnight, it takes months, even years as projects evolve and new efforts get planned! The start of the process, however, can be summarized in four stages.


It begins with an intrinsic look at what you have, who you are and what you want to say. You might want to say, “Show me the money!” – and one day you will; but identifying where you are is the most important thing. This is Point A … the here and now. It’s important to know where you stand, what you’ve got to contribute to your message and to review what you need to get to where you’re going.

While it’s also important to know where you want to end up, Point B is the next rung up the ladder. To get there, you need to decide on your message and review your resources to make sure you can support the message you’re sending. This may involve reworking the tools you currently have, or updating the media you use to represent yourself, i.e. – photos, video and even your recorded works. Once you’ve got the best artillery, it’s time to build the gun.


Your message might be about your music or product release, an upcoming event or activity or your inclusion someone else’s project. Why you want to share the news, for what benefit and to whom you share it are just a few of the many things you’ll want to discuss before crafting your news headline.

Having something well written is just a step in the process. Finding the right people to receive the message is a majority of the work to be done. Editors, news writers and decision makers that create the things that would benefit your course of actions are some of the people you’ll target. The general public too of course; but the masses that would unquestionably find interest in you aren’t just hanging around outside your window. The magazines, websites and media services that influence them have to be researched, and the decision makers within them must be met, introduced and relationships have to be established if you expect to garner press.

No publicist knows everyone in the industry as positions in the thousands of media outlets you’ll contact are changing daily. A great publicist knows how to bring you to the people he calls friends as well as the people who he’s never met. If you’ve got Stage 1 in good working order, you’ll have an easier time in Stage 2.


Distributing news and supporting media is done in stages. This can go back as far as preparing and planting press around the Internet for editors to refer to when they need to look you up. You may need a series of smaller blog-type magazines to pay attention to you for a while to build a buzz that gets the attention of the big boys, the print mags and on-air media. The size of your project, the benefit to the public that supports the media you are targeting and the planned results of your efforts will all play into how you are considered for an above the fold article.

Depending on where you release your news, and what you release for people to see, your news releases might be timed to a product or video release, or just prior to event dates, in specific regions or just to a certain audience. To get the most impact, planning the details of your campaign meticulously, and firing off each round of press at the planned times are extremely important. It’s also important to know that as results begin to trickle in, reacting to them may mean a change in direction while still working toward the initial goal.

His ability to roll with the changes is why you call Joe Dolan!

Review and Recalculate

Once you’ve emptied all chambers and the news is out, reaching back out to press, gathering metrics and reviewing results will show how well your efforts have been received.

The process leading up to the news release can be done in as short as a week if the message is concise and direct, but most often will take a month of planning and at least a month of preparation, depending on how polished you were in Stage 1. Distributing news may take days, but the message is only considered delivered when every planned contact has been reached and delivery of the message has been confirmed. This is a good time to enjoy taking a deep breath. After a day or two, it’s time to start reviewing search engine results, individual press contacts and the Social Network’s viral spread. If you had a major market on-air delivery, some metrics will be instantaneous and others will take a few days to finish buzzing.

We’ll review the outcome of our efforts and see what the next logical effort is to move up the ladder. One small success is worth celebrating, but until you’re on top, it’s just a step forward in a long walk. Don’t stop every time something great happens – build on that momentum and get up to a full on sprint. The reaction your campaign gets will shape the next course of action.