While Tik-Tok Videos might get a few views, they come and go fast. A promotional video stays on your site and on your YouTube page forever.

Joe created this video on the first day of a campaign working to garner press for Mexi Seltzers. In an effort to have something to highlight the brand, the video was made to encompass what the article being submitted to bloggers and online magazines was about.

– Twenty-somethings
– An outdoor lifestyle
– A sense of adventure
– Cool and refreshing

Unlike a fleeting social media post by an influencer, this is a video that can live online endlessly. What’s better, as opposed to influencer videos – this video is on the client’s page, on their channel, within their control. It’s their content to use as they wish without the influence of someone else controlling when and where it is seen.

Another client, not Mexi, I talked with paid an influencer for a video shoutout. It was a 15 second video, the influencer had 45k Tik-Tok followers. The cost was about $180. In the end, the video was noted as being seen 300 times, it brought 2 new followers to their personal Tik-Tok page and one new visitor to their website. Out of 45k followers, the link in the influencer’s video brought a single person to the page who stayed for 18 seconds before clicking away. They spent $180. The video is no longer on the influencers page.

This video was made using stock elements, licensed audio and a client-photo of the brand. Joe remade the logo in Adobe Illustrator for the overlay, assembled the video timeline in Final Cut Pro X and had the entire project ready in about 45 minutes. The cost, outside of a monthly contract – ZERO dollars.

It’s important to decide how to post your efforts and where to spend your money. Coupling ongoing video creation with press, blog posts and outreach to writers and editors is all part of a campaign contract with JoeDolanPR – and it’s all within your control, to use however you want. It’s your content, on your pages, for your promotion.

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