In an effort to drive musical involvement for the band Made ‘n’ America, the band’s management wanted to reach out to the LA Rams. Joe produced this video with a song from the band to give a visual of how the music works with the sports franchise.

When the Los Angeles based hard rock band Made ‘n’ America was looking to place their music into sports, they focused on targeting the home team, the LA Rams. As a long standing act that has performed across the Southern California landscape, supporting major label acts and entertaining at high level events, they knew their music would translate to rock and roll fanatics in the sports landscape.

We reached out to the sports franchise entertainment buyers with information and showed them times where the band played pre-game at KISS Football events, where the albums landed on airplay charts and other venues where the music supported sports activities. Then we considered that maybe the Rams needed to see the music with actual Rams related media.

Joe assembled the video with official Rams footage, using a song the band wrote and recorded specifically for the sports genre, and we sent it off.

At the time of writing this, negotiations are still in effect, but we’ll follow up as things progress..